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Aries D9 lagna. Are there any colours or gemstones that i have to absolutely avoid. Thank you.

I have Moon and Mars in the 4th Virgo. As per your explanation i should wear white and blood red. But my Mars is in parivarthana with Mercury, so does that mean that i wear white. Is this concept used regardless of the maleficience of the planet. Get your personal Vedic Astrology reading by Visti Larsen. Click here to learn more. Learn Vedic Astrology through formal online courses. Colours An audio lecture on selecting the appropriate colors for a person to wear. This includes: - Grahas and colors - Rasis and colors - Varnada lagna and colors - Arudha lagna and selecting the appropriate colors.

Louis Says: June 11th, at am Great pictures Visti! Especially Garuda,Awesome!!! Peace, louis 2. Sharat Says: June 12th, at pm 3. Colours - Visti Larsen. You could use the same colour, but the colour of the Varnada lagna is much better suited for this purpose.

Why Atmakaraka is So Important?

Yours, Visti. I attach the data of my daughter she is very little right now but her Lagnesha Mars is in 3rd House Capricorn and the Atmakarak is Saturn in Cancer, 9th House. Please let shed some more light on this and if this might result in any potential health problems, i am also worried about the Ma-Sa Yoga which is on lagnesha.

This can give excess tightness of the nerves as Mars rules the Majja dhatu, along with similar nerve problems. Keep most of the foods mild in taste and encourage her to drink lots of water. In addition ensure that every year until her ninth year, make sure the Rudrabhisheka is performed on her birth-nakshatra-day.

This is a powerful and fool-proof method of ensuring the child the best of health for their future. Yours, Visti 6. Ashish Says: June 22nd, at am Dear Visti , Thanks a lot fo your reply, I will find out more about Rudrabhishekha and perform it. I think would need to consult astrologers later when she is near to Warm Regards, Ashish Srigaruda. Does it mean that wearing dull yellow color clothing strengthens Chandra In my limited understanding it seems to be not so.

Best wishes, Sourav 8. Sourav Says: August 4th, at am 9. Dear Visti -ji, namaskar and pranam.

Please permit me to explain this difficulty here. All vargas are derived from the angular positions of grahas in the rasi chart and not the reverse; that means by knowing a varga it is not possible to reconstruct the rasi chart.

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Rasi chart shows the total effect whereas vargas clarify individual spheres of life. A graha can be enhanced by wearing its specific gemstone as the gemstone corresponds to the specific energy of the graha. However a rasi signifies a resource and so when color of the rasi is used per Rasi Chakra position , it means that one is asking the graha to increase its control grahana over the individual.

The graha may not have any connection with that rasi in a varga and hence such enhancement will not be affected in that varga. Nakshatra dasas indicate how the grahas are making us perceive this world and our status within this world, whereas Rasi dasas indicate the world situation which indicate what the status we can perceive us to be in. One is potential and the other is action kinetic.

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  4. Best wishes, Sourav Uma shanker achanta Says: October 15th, at am Guruji I have seen lot of people wearing yellow saphire in the index finger which should not be worn as per your lecture. But I would like to know why is that yellow saphire or any other stone should not be worn in the index finger or the thumb. Could you kindly explain the reasons please….. Do you any lectures on the basics of astrology ie how to start constructing a chart with the degrees, the lords and the rashis.

    Variations of Vimshottari Dasha with Visti Larsen

    It would be useful for beginner like me to learn astrology If you any such letures kindly provide me with the link please.. Instead wear the clothes for the rasis where either Mars or Venus are placed as this will bring Neecha bhanga. Colors Did you know that we can use the color of the navamsa lagna-sign for color therapy If you say that the rasi chart is the origin of the varga-signs, and therefore the rasi dominates over the vargas, then i can agree. But, if you say that the signs in the vargas cannot be remedied, then its like saying that the varga-signs do not exist or have no impact on the individual.

    However, we know this is not true based on several slokas from Parasara on the Vaisheshikamsas. So, the colors of the signs in the vargas can be used for remedies, and in the Parampara this is actually advised. He has been prone to illness all his life, with a burst appendix 8 years ago and maybe mono just now.

    Thank you so much for making them available to all.

    Jyotisha Fundamentals: A Traditional approach to Vedic Astrology: My Master´s words

    I have just ended a very bad period of Rahu Dasha. I also want to add that in D9 there is parivarthana between Venus inthe 12th and Jupiter in the 2nd from Aries D9 lagna. As per your explanation i should wear white and blood red on Wednesdays. But my Mars is in parivarthana with Mercury, so does that mean that i wear white with green instead on Wednesdays. Is this concept used regardless of the maleficience of the planet or placement Many thanks, Priya Leave a Reply Name required Mail will not be published required Srigaruda.

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