Ming shu the art and practice of chinese astrology

But otherwise, it is not entirely clear, for its origins are shrouded in mystery. It never occurred to the Chinese that any individual was significant, not even the Emperor, so they never bothered with Natal Astrology. So, the Chinese decided to create their own version of Natal Astrology that expressed Chinese values.

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The values of this system are a synthesis of Daoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism, and I will draw upon all three for my understanding in an attempt to connect them to modern life. The Polestar changes every few thousand years due to the movement of the Earth, and in this age, the Polestar is Polaris, which the Ladle of the Big Dipper points to year-round. The Chinese observed that everything in the heavens moves except for this one star, which was to them quite significant.

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The Po lestar is a symbolic representation of the Yang Light emanating from the Ninth Heaven that facilitates the celestial currents of Ancestral Fate resolution throughout our world-system. These currents are sometimes called the Empyrean Matrix. All the teachings from this time are called the Purple Teachings.


Wherever they gather, amethyst crystal is said to form. Jade Ladies gather around whomever she touches and transmit teachings from the Purple Library. There are many poems from the Shang Qing period that describe the Jade Ladies as muses, who come and go, often creating despair in their absence.

Shang Qing Daoism is a highly detailed and complex spiritual path that views the Stars of the Polestar System as Deities. It is like Tantra, which developed around the same time, also from Deities through trance mediumship. Polestar Astrology does not reference the Planets of our solar system like Western and Indian Astrology, but rather it refers to the nature of Stars in significant constellations like the Big Dipper.

The Stars symbolically describe the Nature of Fate. Polestar Astrology has astronomy in its distant past, but a Polestar Chart does not depict the night sky. There is no illusion that this is an accurate depiction of where these constellations were at the time of your birth.

The Stars of the Celestial Court and their various arrangements when interpreted become a form of Divination or Mantic Art. But who and what is being divined? The standard Chinese answer is the dead — our Ancestors, our life before birth. In short, the dead run the living. Ming might say that we are the warm wiggling end of thousands of dead people, responsible for at least seven generations of beings.

The Buddhist interpretation suggests that the Stars represent our past life Karma, which is the cause of our re-birth, and that we are here to finish our own unfinished Karma from past lives.

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Both are possible interpretations. Traditionally, you would receive a Qi Transmission of each Star in ceremony. You would hear a description and then be shown an image and receive a Mantra for each Star, which were often thought of as Deities. Divination is the curiosity about and attempt to shape the direction of Time and experience.

Every spiritual tradition is trying to do this in one way or another. So, what is the view of the Mantic Arts? Traditionally there are three views or motivations for practicing divination—fear, advantage, and wisdom. Before we get started, it is important to examine which of these motivates you. These motives can apply to anything you do in life. It is important to be honest. This tradition emphasizes wisdom as the path, but we may unconsciously be operating from all three.

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Fear Simply put, humans are freaked out about the future and want to feel better; we want to feel in control. This is fine.

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  5. Fear is not bad, for it often gets us started on the path. However, it is limited, emotionally painful, and will only take us so far.


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    Advantage The second motive is advantage. We learn and practice Astrology to get one-up on the Universe. Although fear is often still the underlying motive, Astrology used for advantage is usually a lot more fun. We use Astrology to become better people, to learn more about our patterns so that we can do better in life.


    This kind of Astrology is often about timing, knowing when to advance and retreat. It can be used to predict the stock market, when to invest, when to start a business, when to get married, whom to marry, when to buy a house, when to have children, and so on. Back in November several friends told me they were sure they already felt the effects of the coming Monkey year.

    Welcome to Cold Spring Healing Arts. I thought I could stay safely hidden with the covers over my head, my preferred position during the Snake year.

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    But the forward impulse of the Yang Wood Horse has finally coaxed me from my den. One late winter afternoon I sat in my kitchen with a good friend, downing multiple cups of oolong tea and discussing important things like life and fate. Skip to content. Year of the Earth Pig—Feb.